Hi Folks! Myself Amritha Bhat and I am into cooking experiments since my school days. It wasn’t too difficult for me to adapt to work life and married life. Cooking was always in my interest list since my schooling. The inspiration being my Mom! I have been trying and tasting various *Veg dishes which made me start create my own recipes or modify the existing ones to satisfy my taste buds. This led me to always try out something new in my kitchen. Baking became a craze when I got my first oven!! Then on I have started trying out every new stuff in my oven. In this blog you are sure to see a very homely recipes eating which I have grown up as well as various experiments of mine in the kitchen 😀 You are sure to take away easy peasy recipes which will be ready in no time. I always believe in cooking great meals in less time. So, people read through, experiment and don’t forget to let me know on the outcome 🙂 🙂

You can anytime reach me @ bhatamrithag@gmail.com