This is a sweet that can be prepared in a jiffy and is very famous in our ‘Udupi’ households. Made using very minimal ingredients yet turns out delicious.


Sooji – 1 Cup

Sugar – 1 Cup

Milk – 2 Cups

Ghee – 1/2 Cup

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Sliced almonds – 3 tbsps

Saffron fewstrands


  1. Add saffron to 3 tbsps of hot milk and keep aside
  2. Grease a plate and keep aside
  3. Roast Sooji with ghee in medium heat until the raw smell goes off and Sooji get nice golden brown color
  4. Meantime, bring the milk to a boil
  5. Add hot milk to the above and let it cook
  6. Once Sooji cooks, add sugar and saffron milk to it and mix well
  7. Add cardamom powder and 2 tbsps of sliced almonds to it and mix well
  8. Cook until the sheera leaves the edges and bottom of the pan
  9. Once done, put the sheera onto a greased plate and dab it properly to level it to the plate
  10. Cut into slices once completely cools down
  11. You can relish this mild sweet delicacy anytime of the day 🙂

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